Weight Loss Management


Weight Loss Management offers a targeted solution for those struggling with weight loss despite diet and exercise efforts. It centers on Semaglutide (Ozempic), a drug first used for Type 2 diabetes but now recognized for its weight management benefits, such as appetite suppression and reduced cravings. The program includes self-administered weekly injections after a detailed health assessment and training. Designed for individuals with a BMI over 28 and no severe health issues, it demands regular check-ins for progress tracking and plan adjustments. Results can vary, but with commitment to the program, improvements are often noticeable within the first few months. The longevity of outcomes can extend significantly when coupled with lifestyle adjustments, promoting sustained weight management.

For those ready to take control of their weight management journey, RENU Beauty and Wellness Med Spa in New London, MN, offers a supportive and medically supervised path. To discover how this program can support your health goals, book your appointment today and take the first step towards a healthier you.

Weight Loss Management Process

Step 1

Your journey begins with a comprehensive 45-minute health assessment, including vital sign measurements and a full health history review. Please come prepared with recent lab results, including HgA1c, fasting glucose, ALT/AST, TSH, and kidney function tests. During this visit, you will subscribe to a 3-6-month treatment plan at $350 per month. Your semaglutide medication will be ordered and is expected to arrive from the compounding pharmacy within a week.

Step 2

A brief 15-minute session follows, dedicated to instructing you on the correct method for self-administering subcutaneous injections. You’ll pick up your medication at this time and perform your initial injection under the guidance of a healthcare provider to ensure safety and competence. Please bring a small cooler with ice packs to keep your medication refrigerated.

Step 3

Monthly follow-up appointments are essential for monitoring your progress, assessing how you’re adapting to the medication, and discussing any necessary adjustments. These check-ins can be done via Telehealth or, preferably, in person.

Step 4

Your initial supply of medication is designed to last 2-3 months. Contact your healthcare provider for a refill once you approach the end of your supply, allowing a week for pharmacy processing.

Step 5

Between the second and third months, an in-person visit is required to collect your next vials of medication, ensuring continuous treatment without interruption.

Benefits of Acupuncture


Individuals with a BMI of 28 or higher, who struggle with weight loss and do not have significant health conditions.

Results vary by individual, but many start seeing improvements within the first few months of treatment.

With lifestyle changes, the results can be long-lasting. Regular monitoring and adjustments may be necessary.

There is no downtime, but side effects can include gastrointestinal discomfort, which typically diminishes over time.

An initial health assessment is required before starting, and following a healthy lifestyle is recommended to enhance and maintain results.

Expect a series of weekly self-administered injections, educational sessions on their administration, and regular follow-ups for progress monitoring.

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